Necklace - Turquoise and Lava
  • Necklace - Turquoise and Lava

    Turquoise beads with silver wire wrapping and lava beads.  Comes with 18" corded necklace and gift box.


    Turquoise comes in many varieties: blue, green, and African, to name a few.  Hues vary depending on location.


    It is known for grounding, protection, and truth.


    Can assist with communicating truth and articulating inner wisdom.


    This powerful stone can be placed on all 7 chakras to promote healing and stabilizing mood.


    Wear this stone for protection and communication.



    Lava Beads represent strength, passion, and creation.

    They are believed to have accumulated the Earth's energy, and can make your life more stable while bringing appeasement.

    They are most often used for essential oil diffusing.  Simply place 1 or 2 drops of your favorite oil on each bead, and reap the benefits all day long!